We need to be warning people to avoid the judgements of God It doesn't matter who is in office now. Here is what E G White said.
"The wrath of God will come upon all cities, upon dwellings, upon large buildings, so suddenly that they who have the slightest intimation [that these judgments are pending] have no safety in dallying at all. They are to flee at once...We are living amid the perils of the last days. The wrath of God is preparing to come upon all the cities---not all at once but one after another. And if the terrible punishment in one city does not cause the inhabitants of other cities to be afraid and seek repentance, their time will come. When the Lord ariseth to shake terribly the earth, He will not cease until His work in punishment is done. The destruction will begin in certain places, and the destruction of life will be sudden and but few will escape...I am instructed by revelation to say that most solemn and overwhelming judgments are determined upon all people who have the light before them in the Word of God [but who have not followed it]"(Manuscript 233, 1902 Here's one city mentioned to start with. "While I was in Nashville, a scene was opened before me. A great ball of fire seemed to fall from heaven, and from it went forth flashes of light. When these flashes of light would strike a building, the building would burn like tinder. And then I heard someone say, 'I knew that this was coming. These are the judgments of God that I knew were coming.' You knew!' said another. 'You were my neighbor. Why did you not tell me that these things were coming? Why did you not warn others?" (Manuscript 154, 1904)

Nashville will be hit by a fireball.